Light It Up One Last Time

If you are a smoker, tonight is the last night of your free reign on smoking in public places. At 12:01 Thursday morning the Smoking Ban, which was passed by a 2:1 margin on November’s ballot will go into effect. This means, that you can no longer smoke in public places or 25 feet around an entrance to them. The Seattle Times has a nice Q&A up that covers the basic details of the ban. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: But I’ll still have my smoking sections and patios in restaurants and bars, right?

A: Nope. Those are considered workplaces and public places. What’s more, the few cigar rooms and hookah bars in the state must follow the law, too.

Q: Holy smokes! When does this ban go into effect?

A: 12:01 a.m. Thursday. Yes, that means if you are sitting in a bar late tonight, you can light up at midnight, but you’ll only have a minute to smoke it.