Review: Azura Asian Bistro

This morning, after deciding that we didn’t want a typical breakfast, Jamie and I made a venture to Azura Asian Bistro at the bottom of First Hill. We’ve been getting flyers in the ValuPak for a couple weeks now and we decided that their lunch buffet ($9.90 on Sat & Sun 11a-3p) would be a good chance to check the place out.

When we arrived, we noticed that the place was pretty small (max occupants is around 50). But, that didn’t take away from us wanting to go! It also has a very new feel to it. Which, makes it stand out (not in a bad way) in this older part of Seattle. However, when we got in around noon, there was hardly a crowd and you could smell the food. The buffet isn’t large by any means, but what is there is great. From beef and broccoli, to assorted dim sum, to soups, there was something for anybody who enjoys Asian cuisine. Oh, and a bunch of sauces to dip in as well. Can’t forget about the sauces.

After a couple plates a piece and a pot of tea, we were filled. I would highly recommend this place to anybody who likes Asian food and it’s a good place to get quality Asian food, including dim sum, at a very reasonable price. Next time we go, we’ll have to try it when the buffet isn’t open so we can check out the rest of the menu. But, if it’s anything like today, I’m sure I’ll be just as impressed.