One Quiet Month

It’s now February 1st and it was a pretty slow digital month for me in January. I didn’t blog very much, or post any pictures to Flickr. I guess I finally spent time away from my computer when I got home and just didn’t spend any of that other time taking pictures or blogging. Maybe this month will change that?

In other news, I am unemployed… kinda. I am currently on the bench waiting to get staffed on my next project. So, right now I am doing a mix of training and making a few PowerPoint slides for our regional GM. Kinda hoping I get staffed soon and don’t spend as much time on the bench as Trevor did the past few months. But, only time will tell.

Also, I’ve been trimming my blogroll down a bit. Things that I used to be really interested in, web design, web development, etc… are things that I am finding less interest in today. I don’t really know why, but I think that part of it has to do with what my work focuses on. I am more interested in project management techniques and things of that nature, well, that and personal finance.

Maybe I’ll take some time to reflect on this in a later entry, but for now I’m going to stare outside into the mess of rain that continues to pour over Seattle on a daily basis. It’s crazy and it’s getting old.