How Unfortunate

So, if you’ve seen my phone lately, you will notice that my screen is slowly (but most definitely surely) going white. While looking for firmware hacks tonight, I find this little nugget on Samsung’s support site for my phone:

Can I Change The Screen Contrast Or Brightness Of The Display On My SGH-e715?

Unfortunately there is no way to change the contrast or the brightness of the display.

Yes, unfortunate, indeed. At least I already have my eye on a worthy replacement.

Detroit Hawk City!

Well, it took 30 years, but the Seattle Seahawks are finally going to the Super Bowl! The game today was great, as usual, and I am really stoked that they are going. The last time that a hometown team was close to the Superbowl was the 1998 Minnesota Vikings, but Gary Anderson missed a last second field gold and the Atlanta Falcons went instead. But, in two weeks time it will be a battle like Seattle has never seen before and if all goes well the Hawks will reign supreme (silly Iron Chief reference) and come back Superbowl champs.

Amazon Wishlist 0.5 Released

A small update, but a few people have requested the ability to change the size of the image. Well, I’m happy to report that you now have three image sizes to pick from (small, medium, and large). To do this, set the $imgSize variable in the amazon-wishlist.php plug-in before uploading and you’re all set!

Next up on the plate are multiple wishlist support and fixing a bug with sites that do not use a permalink structure.

Download: Amazon Wishlist Plugin for WordPress 0.5
Info Page:

Review: Azura Asian Bistro

This morning, after deciding that we didn’t want a typical breakfast, Jamie and I made a venture to Azura Asian Bistro at the bottom of First Hill. We’ve been getting flyers in the ValuPak for a couple weeks now and we decided that their lunch buffet ($9.90 on Sat & Sun 11a-3p) would be a good chance to check the place out.

When we arrived, we noticed that the place was pretty small (max occupants is around 50). But, that didn’t take away from us wanting to go! It also has a very new feel to it. Which, makes it stand out (not in a bad way) in this older part of Seattle. However, when we got in around noon, there was hardly a crowd and you could smell the food. The buffet isn’t large by any means, but what is there is great. From beef and broccoli, to assorted dim sum, to soups, there was something for anybody who enjoys Asian cuisine. Oh, and a bunch of sauces to dip in as well. Can’t forget about the sauces.

After a couple plates a piece and a pot of tea, we were filled. I would highly recommend this place to anybody who likes Asian food and it’s a good place to get quality Asian food, including dim sum, at a very reasonable price. Next time we go, we’ll have to try it when the buffet isn’t open so we can check out the rest of the menu. But, if it’s anything like today, I’m sure I’ll be just as impressed.

Beta Invites

Well, I have some beta invites for the taking, if people want them. Here’s what I’ve got to offer:

  • – Social networking site (10 Invites for e-mails)
  • Newsvine – It’s in private beta. Site is all about news and user promoted news stories (20 Invites)
  • MSN Messenger Live – In Beta. (8 Invites – must be your passport account e-mail)

If you are interested, leave me your e-mail either in the comment or in the e-mail field below and which service you are interested in. First come first served.