Accidents Times Two

Yesterday morning I made a trip to South Seattle to pickup up my brand new phone (i-mate SP5). On my way to work I decided to take I-90/I-405/SR-520 to Microsoft since I was closer to I-90 than I was to 520. All was well, until we get to the first tunnel… an accident in my lane. So, that slowed things down a bit, but after that it was clear sailing until I-405.

All I have to say about 405 is that it is crazy. That was some intense traffic on that road and I’m glad I don’t have to drive in it every day, because if I did I think I would go nuts. I mean, I saw a Suburban cross all of the lanes of traffic, in rush hour congestion, in about 50 yards. It was crazy and ridiculous. But, eventually I made it to Microsoft, all crazy driving aside.

At the end of the day, I was heading home on 520 and there was another accident. I couldn’t have been so lucky! And guess what? Yup, it was in my lane this time too. It was nothing serious, just somebody rear ending somebody else, just like in the morning. So, what appeared to be clear sailing was actually slowed down considerably by an accident.

The only reason that I bring it up is because in the few weeks that I’ve been commuting to Redmond, I have only seen one accident thus far. So, it was surprising to me to see two in one day and both happened to be in my lane. Hopefully I can avoid days like this in the future, because accidents aren’t good for anyone.