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Today in the PI there’s an article about Seattle thinking about installing cameras at intersections to detect cars that run red lights. What’s funny, to me at least, is that in Minnesota they’ve had these cameras up for a little bit, but the ACLU (and some angry drivers) got involved and claimed that drivers were not given due process. That, and you can’t tell who is driving, so ticketing the owner, isn’t really the best approach. So, a judge temporarily shut them down. In my opinion, if you’re caught running a red light, you’re caught. Deal with it. Now, if we all had RFID implanted in us they’d be able to tell who it is driving. But, implanting RFID and letting the government have access to that is an entirely different can of worms.

3 thoughts on “Camera Cops”

  1. Hehe, I was pissed when they installed a camera a few blocks from my house… and I vowed never to be so stupid to even come close to running that light.

    Well, one afternoon, my mind spaced and I cut the light a little too close. The ticket came a few weeks later, and I put it off for many months using every method I could. I finally had to set a court date, and luckyly, I had read up on the matter and set it for the day of the ACLU’s special hearing (may 5th). But… it looks like I wont have to be going to that anymore! Woo hoo! =)

  2. They have installed these all over the Phoenix area, and enforce the citations pretty seriously.

    I found one way out – I was caught smiling right into the camera on a photo radar camera (speeding as opposed to running a red light), and the ticket was mailed to my dad… the car was in his name. He went down to the court, said it obviously wasn’t him, and they told him to be on his way.

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