Adventures in Deep Frying

Two days ago Kony got a deep fryer. It is something that came up on and we figured that it was small enough and we’d enjoy it once it arrived. So, a couple of weeks after he purchased it we had it in our kitchen. Last night was the first time we were able to use it, the first night we had it we found out we didn’t have enough oil. So, since we have a love for chicken, we decided to make it our inaugural meal in the deep fryer.

It has been a long time since I have personally deep fried anything and probably the last time that I did, it was probably chicken. So, off we went getting the eggs, flour, and others seasonings and preparing our chicken for the tasty delicious that would become of them after a little bath in the greatness of hot oil. The deep fryer that we have is kinda small, so it took some time to cook enough chicken for Jamie, Kony, and me. But, it was worth the wait. Coupled with rice and corn, gravy, and biscuits, it was a perfect first meal to break in our deep fryer; the newest addition to our kitchen family.