Amazon Wishlist 0.6 Released

Many months since the last update, I have a new update to my Amazon Wishlist Plugin for WordPress. I must admit that this update was not made by myself, but my Chris Benard. This is a pretty minor change, but it will now make your wishlist page validate! So, there aren’t any “feature” updates to this, just an update to the XHTML that I was spitting out. Many thanks to Chris Benard for the patch!

11 thoughts on “Amazon Wishlist 0.6 Released”

  1. Glad to help! It is a really awesome plugin, and I’m hugely greatful to you for making it.

    There is one functionality change though:
    If you have less than ten items, it will no longer show a “Previous Page” link to “page 0”.

    Thanks for thanking me too. :) Don’t you love open source? I’m probably going to do up a quick blog entry to link to your project. I think it’s really nice.

  2. Hey Ryan!

    Thanks a lot for your great work. I’ve just added your plugin to my website and it works great. I’ve translated some expressions into german to make it fit into my blog, I hope that is OK :-)

  3. Here is that comment again.

    I’m getting the following apache log error when running this plugin:

    ==> /var/log/apache2/error.log
    Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 27300081 bytes)

    I tried my Amazon ID & the one the script starts with. Same error on both. I bumped PHP up to 32M from 8M memory limit. Is this normal? Any ideas why this is happening? The script aborts after it reaches the memory limit, so I get no output from the script.

  4. Hello!
    I’ve finally gotten your plugin to work! YAY! Now…I have more than 10 items so obviously the “next page” shows, but it doesn’t take you to the next page of my wishlist, it takes you to one of my catagory pages instead. I’m not sure that made ANY sense, so here is the link and you can check it out. Any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the plugin! I really want to use it on my sidebar. I’ve been trying now for two days but I can’t get it to work. It simply crashed my page on my theme (BinaryBlue). When I switch to the default theme, the page loads but the css formatting stops at the point where I call on the Wishlist – whether or not it’s in the sidebar.
    I’ve entered my wishlist ID correctly, installed xml parser (anysettings there I should know about?) configured my list so it’s available to all who want to see it (on, I tried changing your Amazon ID number to mine, added your css stylings to my stylesheet, but now I’m at a loss.
    I think it might have something to do with using an account or the css stylings in the amazon-wishlist.
    Have you ever tested it with an wishlist?

  6. Thanks for XHTML correct. But my question and big problem is: how set up code for REVERSE output (last added items = higher)? Ryan, your wishlist is correct displayed (last added items = higher), but all other instaled wishlists is conversely. Please reply.

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