I Had Good Intentions

This past weekend was Avanade’s West Region Fly Back in Las Vegas. As usual, it was a good time and it provided an opportunity to see some friendly faces that I have not been able to see in a while. But, being that it is Vegas, I told myself that I would take out as much cash from my checking as I was willing to lose. So, before we left I did that. I tried pretty hard to spend only the cash that I had on hand, but soon I needed monies for my non-gambling expenses (buffets, drinks, etc..). That left me two choices: debit or credit.

Before I left I decided that I wanted to make all of these vacation purchases come right out of my checking account. So, I decided early on that I was going to use my debit card for all of my purchases while in Vegas. Seems like a good idea, right? This was working out fine, until I got home. I had a credit card statement waiting for me and it was exactly what I wanted to see first thing when I got home… right. I opened it up and to my surprise it was freakin’ huge. Probably the biggest one I’ve had, ever. Not only that, but about $1200 of that was airfare for Weddings this summer and Jamie’s fly back ticket (which she had already paid me back for). I was pretty shocked to see the bill. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but man… it adds up. So, I went to go pay the bill on line, but there was a problem… I was short the money in my checking. *doh*

Since I thought it was a good idea to spend on my debit card in Vegas I inadvertently shorted myself the cash needed to cover my credit card bill. So, off it was to my ING account to move some money. The only downside is that I have to wait a few days before the cash will show up. So, really… I should have just used my credit card all along and saved myself the hassle of moving money out of savings to cover my bill. *sigh*