Don’t mess with Redfin

If you are not familiar with Redfin, here’s a blurb from their about page:

Redfin is the industry’s first on line real estate brokerage. Unlike any other real estate site, Redfin lets you buy and sell MLS-listed homes on line. You can shop for homes and browse prices using our map-driven home-shopping site, then make an offer or list a property via Redfin Direct, Redfin’s step-by-step guide to buying or selling your home.

Today on their blog (entry) they have listed the first agent who has stonewalled a Redfin sponsored sale. They explain the story, how it ended up working out for the buyer, and now have their frist member to the Redfin Hall of Shame. Congrats to the first entrant, you apparently worked hard to earn this title.