Whaddya Mean You Can’t See Me Stop?

Last Friday after heading home a little early from work (five solid hours of meetings proves to make one useless afterwards), I headed to get my oil changed. During the safety inspection of my car, they noticed that none of my break lights worked. Not even the LED break light. This is a huge problem and I was completely un-aware of it.

After my oil change, I headed home and called University VW to see when the earliest would be that I could get my car in for service. They said that I should bring it in right now (Friday 4:30pm) and that they’d take a look at it. When looking at my car they figure that it’s not the bulbs since the LED break light is out too, and that should never go out. They think that there’s something wrong with the electrical stuff that is causing the break lights to not illuminate.

What’s interesting is that for the past couple of weeks, when I first hit my break, I get some indicator lights that appear in my dash. I never thought that they’d be causing my break lights to not work. But, here we are, my car is in the shop and I’ve been “that guy” on the road without break lights. I’m just glad that I’ve not been rear ended.

Update: My car is fixed and I can pick it up this evening. Woo!