Just Kickin’ It

Just Kickin' It

Just Kickin’ It » Originally uploaded by rprins.

I haven’t posted in a while… but I’ve been keeping busy. This is a shot from a park just north of N Pacific Street on Eastern Ave N. I can’t find what the name of it is, or if it even is a park at all. But, we found a cache here and I took some photos along the way since you had good views of the University Bridge and also Downtown Seattle.

Seattle Creations

Today I decided that I wanted a new desktop image for my new LCD, but nothing really fits the 1920×1200 resolution, so I made my own. Below are two of the wallpapers that I made today and I’ve sized them for sharing with those who do not have a screen resolution as high as 1920×1200. Feel free to use them on your own desktop!

Space Needle Wallpaper Thumb
This image is based off of this original image. It is also one of the very first shots that I took with my Digital Rebel.

Public Market Sign Wallpaper Thumb
This wallpaper is based off of this original image.

A Trail in Lincoln Park

A Trail in Lincoln Park

A Trail in Lincoln Park » Originally uploaded by rprins.
A nice trail in Lincoln Park that Jamie and I took a walk on today. This park surprised me as it is not your typical Seattle park. There are actually a lot of trails and wooded areas. This would also be a great park for a BBQ or some sort of group gathering. Also this was an excuse for me to go out and try out my new lens, which is freakin’ sweet, by the way.