First Day of First Full Week

Well, today was the first full day of classes at the beginning of the first full week of autumn quarter. Phew. That’s a sentence that would be tough five times fast. Anywho…

I still really don’t know what is going on in my classes. I know I have readings to do, but beyond that I can’t tell you what classes that I have tests in or when assignments are due. Yeah, I’m so confused right now. I think that it has something to do with me taking summer school and then interim. I am just feeling all confused on what is going on. I am trying to write it all down and somehow things are getting done. Maybe it is this higher sense of knowing that things will be alright. But, it is tough to fight this feeling of jumbledness.

It is nice to see everyone back in class though. I kinda forgot what it was like. One thing I didn’t seem to forget is my tendency to get shafted with professor picked groups. Every time I get, in my opinion, shafted. However, things always turn out for the best. 340, 380, they turned out just fine. This is just me over reacting and I just need to relax and do my part of the work and the rest will fall into line.

Kinda strange that college is down to the last 20 weeks… dang. Almost there.

First Day of Class

Today was the first day of class. It was strange to see everyone back in class and it was kinda odd to actually be in class. Maybe it was because I never really left? Who knows. What I do know is that I have no clue on what I’ll really be doing this quarter. Sure, I got the class syllabus for my two classes and those will tell me what I am doing this quarter but I don’t know what I am really “doing”. If that even makes sense.

It was nice to get some free coffee and a bagel this morning from the Alumni Assn and then to just basically have chill classes the rest of the day. It is hard to believe that I am back in class, but I know I need to realize it because soon it will start kicking my ass and I’ll regret that I didn’t take it more seriously sooner.

Anyways, the structure is back in my life and I like that. The only downside is that the structure comes with a grade at the end of 10 weeks.

McMahon 913

I am making my usual walk to work today over the University Bridge and then onto the Burke Gilman Trail when I walk by Mercer Hall and Stevens Court. When I passed Mercer Hall I was noticing that today there were these bright eyed freshman moving in. It only made me think back to the time when I first moved in to McMahon 913 my freshman year with the help of my mother. Continue reading “McMahon 913”

INFO 380 Foreshadowing

Alright, don’t ask why I am doing this, even I don’t know. But, I was looking through some of the old class files from last year and I ran across the first lecture notes from the infamous INFO 380 that were taken by Aaron, Sean, and myself. I don’t know who wrote the following lines, but I found them quite funny.

why do I feel this class is going to rape us

Well, good luck with this…. yeah. Godspeed.

Oooh the foreshadowing! *sigh* If we only knew…