A security release for WordPress is out today and it is highly suggested that you upgrade. This is two major security fixes from the WordPress team in recent months. Props goes out to Matt and the rest of the team for staying on top of this. The note from the WordPress site is below.

We would like to announce that WordPress is now released as we continue the availablity of a highly stable and extremely popular branch based on the 1.5 Strayhorn codebase. Development has moved on to some exciting new features for the next major release, but an important security issue was brought to our attention which required an update for our users. The problem is not yet public but you should update your blog as soon as possible to If you are unable to do upgrade in the short-term you may protect yourself by deleting the xmlrpc.php file from your WordPress directory.

At Least I Waited 8 Days

Ok, so, I couldn’t wait all 30 days to rid my site of the legacy linking. I decided to take care of it today with some .htaccess rules. But, have no fear, you shouldn’t see a change in the way things are going on around here. However, the old permalinks with /blog in them will still be broken until I go ahead and fix them.

In the meantime, I would love you if your links pointed as follows:

  • Site: http://www.lazyi.net/
  • RSS: http://www.lazyi.net/feed/
  • Comments RSS: http://www.lazyi.net/comments/feed/

Minor Site Changes

Well, I finally caved in. I have made the decision to remove /blog from all things on this site when it comes to posts. You will still see that the directory is active, only because it houses images. Currently, I am using .htaccess rules to have a seamless transition on those parts of the site. So, what does this mean for you? Well, I will be removing all of the feeds from /blog. I know that many of you on bloglines use this for your feed. But, come the end of June I will be completely removing the .htaccess forward for this feed. In short, it will 404 and stop working. So, update your feed/bookmark to the new address today!

  • Site: http://www.lazyi.net/
  • RSS: http://www.lazyi.net/feed/

Also, my permalink structure has removed the /blog from all of them as well. I’ll be tweaking the .htaccess to break all of those posts that you’ve so kindly linked in the past. However, have no fear! I hope to implement the search page to try to find the post if somebody comes to the site and the page is not found. When that will get done, who knows. But, it’s on my list of things to do.

So, in the meantime I say thanks for being patient while I clean house and flesh out my permanent structure for my site.

1.5.1 Broke My Feeds

Now, when I upgraded to WP 1.5.1 the other day I thought all was well, but I guess the RSS feeds got busted. After reading about it as a bug, I am taking the suggested advice and making this post to hopefully fix the issue. But, we’ll see how long this lasts. I’ve tried the patches and they don’t seem to be working. I guess I’ll have to take another look at it when I get home after work.

Upgrade to WP 1.5.1

Well, I have upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1 and all was well until you tried to post a comment. This was pointed out by David earlier today. The problem was in the index.php file. It had the following line:
Well, on the Dreamhost servers that was causing a fit. So, since I knew that the file would always be in the same folder as the index.php file I just altered the line to read:
All I did was take out the ./ for the relative path to the file. I think it’s silly to have it there in the first place, but oh well. Now it works and you can post comments again.

Update: I’ve let the DH dev team know and they are looking into it.

Version 4 Template

Well, as you can see I’ve updated the template on my site. I’ve been mulling over a new design for over a month now and I’ve recently had the time to pound this sucker out. Not bad for two day’s work. But, with that said, I’m sure that because I’ve done it in 2 days that there are some issues with it. I might do a write up about it at a later time. Who knows?! Other than that, enjoy!

Also, the top image is from the trip that I took to Crystal Mountain in 2004.

The Migration to 1.5

Well, I’ve done it. After bitching to Kevin last night, I finally did it. I made the full move to 1.5. I have implemented the new pages feature, which, once you get it running, is really freakin’ slick. This also means that my RSS feed has updated. This is only becasue my WordPress install moved from lazyi.net/blog to just lazyi.net/ You can still access it with the old address @ /blog, but eventually I’ll take away those rewrite rules and you’ll be out in the cold. So, get the hookup by moving your feed to lazyi.net/feed/rss2 and your link to just lazyi.net. Oh, yeah, the permalinks will still work, so, no worries there.

Until later…