It has come up in my mind now that some things in my life are kind of in pieces  right now. Some in a bad sort of way, but mostly in a way that is unorganized  and difficult to piece together. I am a person who plans every little thing  out. You should see my calendar. But, really I have been and currently am involved  in many different things that require me to be pulled in many different directions.  Now, not that this is a bad thing, but I just don’t know what is going to have  to give first. I know some things that I can’t let go of and some that I could  probably part from. So, I guess this is where a list comes in.

School: Ok, what do you think? Yeah, I’m probably not going  to have the quarter that I had last quarter, but I still have to give it my  best and dedicate as much time as needed to get my work done and to stay on  top of things. I have already spent a couple days reading for 10 hours and  it was not something that I would choose to repeat anytime soon.

Friends: In the end they are all that you have. Friendship is one thing that  I think I might take for granted too many times. I am just lucky that I have  the friends that I do here in WA and back at home in MN. They know me for who  I am and that is what makes them a step above the rest.

Work: I just started my job today and I am anticipating that this will take  up a good amount of my time, but this should help me structure my time better.

Online commitments: Ok, as strange as it sounds I currently  have commitments to people online, some to people I know and some to people  I don’t know nor will ever meet in person. Yeah, this will probably be the  first thing to be cut back on. There are some people (UW| comes to mind) that  I can’t just let go because many of them have become people that I have known,  respect, and trust. So, that makes it more difficult. But, for those that I  really don’t know, it is easier to move away on to other things that are of  a larger priority.

I guess that is just a small blurb on what I see as my current problem that  I have with what is going on. I need to make this work and I think that the  stress will fall off. But, until then I have to make due with what I have.