If you have been around me the past few days you have probably noticed that I have been a little saucy with my remarks. Why this is happening is probably complicated and difficult to explain, but I guess all I can do is just say what I have to say.

Now, really I don�t know what it is. I can’t say that it is school, because, well, school isn’t providing much of a challenge this week, with the exception of CSE. So, then I move on to things outside of class. Ok, friends. I can’t think of anything that is really intentionally making me frustrated except that I just have a hard time seeing people mismanage their time when they know that things are due and that they know what amount of time it will take to complete specific tasks. Now, maybe this is because I have extremely high standards for the work that I produce and that of those around me, but is it my responsibility to be so concerned about those around me?

In my opinion, yes. I think that it takes pressure from others, at times, to get your best work out of yourself. When you see someone else complete something you just have to get the motivation from that and tell yourself that you can do better, even when you maybe can’t. There are times, often daily, where I probably come off like I can do something better than the person next to me, but in all actuality this might be completely not true. It’s all about perception. If you can convince people that you know what the hell you are talking about, you can do about anything. Now, this goes without saying that this can totally catch you in your ass and burn you. So, be warned.

It’s just hard for me to stand by and watch people fail. I seriously cannot do it. I will step in and help you as much as I can with what you have to do. It doesn’t matter how much time it will take or how late I need to stay up to help you out. I’d like for you to try it out first, but I will come around and spend as much time as needed for you to understand as well or even better than I do. A lot of the time I don’t think people understand this about me and it just drives me nuts.

I�m frustrated about a lot of things right now, but talking about those is best spent in another venue. So, if you are curious or are looking to talk, you know the digits.