I should…

…let things go
…stop being such an ass to people I care about
…just deal with what is the truth
…let people be who they are and not who I want them to be
…stop pushing my agenda on others
…just live and let go
…stop giving out the wrong vibe
…be happy, not frustrated
…just go back to being me and only that

Easy, right? If only…

8 thoughts on “I should…”

  1. Hehe, happens to all of us Ryan. We get too pushy on people and expect them to do things the way we want. That’s why, I’m a nice guy to everyone(I try to be) and let them do whatever they want. Just chill and it will be all good. :)

  2. Ya, i think you should do all of the above. Cause i live with you and sometimes you bite. Don’t bite cause only dogs bite and sometimes cats too. If flowers bit people, people wouldn’t smell them. Plus when you think about it flowers are only sex organs of the organism. The pollen is the male sperm, hmmmm so next time you take a wiff from a flower “gentitals” your just wiffing some sperm. Food for thought like red bull and speed, so no more biting cause biting is envied by old people!

  3. DAAAAAAAYAAAAAAM!! Thanks for stopping by my party! Hope u had a good time…and from the sound of it…ya did! Thanks for bringing me water….and uhhhhh…let me know how it goes with…….uhhum.

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