The Power Of One

The title might be a little hard to grasp at first. What exactly is the power of one? For me, I have a preconceived definition that is in my mind about what this is. I can explain and I can share it with others. But, it is easier to have a thought on what the power of one is as opposed to actually understanding what that thought means.

We all could only be so lucky to have a person or persons in our lives that can be that “one.” That one person that can be there no matter what to hear any problem at any time of the day. The thought of this is just something that warms the soul and is something that, at times, is difficult to grasp. For me, it is hard to think that someone else, besides myself, thinks/cares more about me than I do at a particular moment. Yes, this is a very narrow way of thinking, but it is how I see things at times.

How people define the power of one can vary from person to person. For me, I see it as that one person in a particular moment of time that, no matter what, is there just to help and care for you. That is what comes to mind when I think about the power of one. This person could be friend, family member, spiritual being, or whomever else is there to help you at a particular moment in time.

If you were to think that you cannot affect someone in a manner like this, then you are not trying hard enough or you just cannot see what exactly it is that you are doing for others. I know that am good at not seeing what I do for others. Many times I do not see what exactly the power of one can do for someone or a group of people. But, it is there. There is a reason why it exists. It is just a matter of having that person understand why they are there as “the one” in the power of one.