What Was Once 89 Cents Is No More

On Saturday night on the way to Murphy’s in Wallingford I was on the bus with Jamie and I had made the observation that gas was really expensive. Now, this isn’t the same expensive I thought about when I was in high school. I thought gas prices of $1.20 to $1.50 was expensive. I have had no concept of how gas prices have risen over the past 3 years for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t have a car at school. Why worry about what gas costs when you don’t have a car?
  2. When I am home, I am ususally not there long enough to purchase a tank of gas
  3. I was driven to work by my mother all summer long *INSERT JOKE HERE*

I had no real need to know how much gas is costing. I know that there have been some issues with OPEC and the oil distributing nations not outputting as much as in the past, plus add on top of that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and I that will lead to a rise in petrol prices.

I guess the only real reason that I even post about this is the fact that I was taken off guard. To see gas prices in the $2+ range just blew my mind. Now, this is the west coast and I have noticed that the prices here are a little higher, not by much, than in the midwest. But, still, that is a lot to fill up a tank of gas. I thought $30-35 every 10 days was bad back in high school. Man, I am glad that I can take that $35 and have a UPass for an entire quarter to ride the Metro as much as I want.

3 thoughts on “What Was Once 89 Cents Is No More”

  1. sux even more when you’re in a long distance relationship -__- and even more when that person’s computer cant go online cuz of some virus or worm >_< but yeah, i dont understand how europe pays like twice as much and not complain like us. know if hydrogen fuel cells gonna be any cheaper?

  2. local chevron’s cheapest gas: last week = $2.11, last friday = $2.16, tonight = $2.26…stupid 4-runner, i had to fill up each of those times too…

  3. yea, they always seem to get you with the gas prices, Stupid OPEC and there stupid barrels of liquid gold. I want to take a couple road trips this summer to see friends from school and don’t know if I’ll be able to if gas costs so much.

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