Condo: Shop Till’ You Drop

For the past few days I have been shopping for furniture and other things that are needed to furnish the condo. The days have been long and the shopping requires a lot of decision making, which I hate. But, it is all over now and I am pleased with what we got accomplished.

We are hoping to have the condo fully furnished (stuff delivered and setup) between July 1st and July 10th. But, we’ll see how that comes along. I know that some of you are interested in seeing it, but you will have it wait while we clean it up a bit. You all will get your chance, in due time, to see what my new pad looks like.

However, until you have that chance, you can live vicariously though this blog and my truly verbose definitions on how it looks. /me *snickers* Anywho, I am excited because bought a new bass amplifier. Now I can play my basses again! Horray! (I have a Fender fretted Jazz bass and a Carvin fretless) So, if you are interested in playing along with me sometime, let me know. I am always looking for someone to play with. Also, this means we can begin on the much anticipated release of our CD called ‘Yaptinology’. But, more about that later ;)

Oh man, I am typing this post while laying in one of the Heavenly Beds at the Seattle Westin. So… Hard… To… Stay… Awake… zzz

Listening To: Dave Matthews Band – Everyday
Currently Feeling: Sleepy b/c of sweet bed