Pre/Post Final Gatherings

Finals are now all over and there have been two gatherings of the INFO crew that are worth posting about. Both events, Booze Cruise and Post Finals Funk @ Kat’s, were way fun and I have the pictures to prove it. Well, I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Booze Cruise

This was put on by a friend in the Informatics program. We took a boat out on the water around the Seattle area and just lived it up. There was a salsa dancing lesson, plenty of beer, and a good time had by all. This was nice to have since the finals schedule was so easy this quarter. The majority of the work was over, so we could just kick back and relax on this cruise. It was something that was fun and I would look into again. But, on to the pictures!

Jamie and Kathryn look hot, as usual, before we begin our voyage. Then, of course, there is me looking like I have no idea what is going on in the background.

That is trotter mounting the beer. Yes, mounting the beer. That was the only thing that he mounted that night. *sigh*

White Boy + Filipino Girl = Trotter

/me sighs

Yes, you have to suffer with this hot self shot of Jamie and myself. We rock and we know it, no need to tell us.

Yes! Finally! The dueling fingers are caught on film!

Hot bodies + Salsa Music + Salsa Dancing = Wicked Good Time!

Trotter can dance and this girl is now finding this out first hand. Go Anthony!

End of the night we took this pic of a few that are in the INFO crew.

Spring Post Finals Funk

This was a great night. Yeah, I had a good time this night, maybe too much of a good time. But, this was very similar to what I did last quarter. This time Kathryn, DT, and Susan held it at their place. There was a great turnout and I think that everyone had a good time. The highlight of the night had to be when David and I did a little beatbox and rap combo. The reason that this was so much fun and… well… funny, was because he was rapping about SQL (Structured Query Language). Yeah, we’re nerds… don’t hate.

Yeah, what a better way to start the night… but with karaoke! Sing baby sing!

Well, at least she tried… <3

Part of the crew reading along to the karaoke on the tv

SQL is the bestest to rap to… Um… not so much. But, we did it anyways and it was hella cool. /crew *nerds out*

Only the girls were allowed to dance, or something. I just take the pictures and act casual.

The Oracle, Onifur, and Hickey wanted in on the action too… so, they just pushed all the girls out of the way and danced with Kat and Teresa

As you can see the end of the quarter, for me, was more about chilling with friends and having a good time. Now, I did study and prepare for the exam, but I didn’t kill myself over it. I just relaxed and had a good time. Summer is just around the quarter and I am excited to get back with friends, live in the condo, and just R-E-L-A-X! Oh man, that will be the best part. I will be working and taking classes this summer, so if you are around, let me know and we’ll hook up. As for you Minnesota people… well… you will have to wait until September. Now it is off to enjoy the finer things in life, like time with the lady, roommate, and friends (not all at the same time).

Current Feeling: RELEIF!
Listening To: Dave Matthews Band – Live in Central Park