Oh Flickr

Well, ever since flickr went online I was pretty intrigued on its use. So, I signed up for a free account. Well, this is where the addiction began.

Since my free account, I have purchased a pro account which allows me unlimited viewing bandwidth, 1GB upload per month, unlimited photosets, and unlimited pages viewable in my photostream. I’m pretty addicted to it because of the tagging aspect of it. Plus, the community part of it is pretty rad too. I kind of wish that the limit on free accounts wasn’t so low, as to facilitate more group photosets, but I still love the service.

I’ve updated the gallery link in the navigation to point towards my flickr photo page since I’ve been putting just about everything from the past year or so on it. Now, one of my reasons to move from my site to flickr was that I could upload a lot of pics and not have to worry about the space. Well, that is cool and all, but then my host has to all go out and triple my disk space and bandwidth for free. Thus, kind of making it a moot point. Right? Well, I don’t know. I’ve uploaded about 700MB of images so far. So, I’m still sticking with flickr for the time being. That and I paid for it!

So, if you’re curious just sign up for a free account and check it out. I like it alot and I’m uploading images right as we speak. Yeah, it is pretty addicting. It makes me want to take more photos. If you have questions for me about what I like and dislike about it, leave a comment and I’ll let you know.

11 thoughts on “Oh Flickr”

  1. Yeah. Flikr is pretty cool. I’m still wondering whether I should get the pro account because I have a lot of pictures. How you can organize the pictures is great too.

  2. One thing that I’ve been seeing on the flickr forums is that they might make some accounts that aren’t as expensive as the current Pro account. I don’t have an idea if they will act on this or not, but it was something suggested to the flickr staff. So, unless you like the Pro account, like I do, then you could get one now. But, you might be better served to wait too.

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