Mmm Update

Well, it’s almost been a week. Guess I’ve been sidetracked with school and work. But, stuff has been going on, just nothing noteworthy to write about.

Capstone is going along smoothly, classes are just fine, work is… work, and I’m still looking for a job. So, it is pretty much the same stuff as usual for me. Except, last night we went out and celebrated Anthony’s Birthday at P.F. Chang’s in Downtown Seattle. I had not been there in quite a while, but the food was still pretty good. I’d show you pictures, but I don’t have any. Expect Jamie to post some though, she took a few from dinner.

Hmm, I just don’t know what else to write about. My brain is dead from such a long week. Plus, I’m at work and that doesn’t exactly spark any motivated writing. Guess more might come later… or will it?