Polling and Cell Phones

Yesterday at work I heard a conversation that blew my mind. I am going to paraphrase the conversation between two self-proclaimed Democrats (I heard them say it themselves–I am not guessing).

You know why the Republicans have a lead in the polls right? It is because they do this phone polling to people with land lines. They don’t even poll those with cell phones. So, really they are getting a small slice of the population. And you know what? Guess who can afford the land lines? The rich Republicans. That means that the poor, among many other sub groups are not counted in the polls. No wonder Bush is now in the lead in the polls.

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9-11 Commission Reportings

We are all very aware of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. It is something I will not forget and it is etched in my mind for what I feel will last an eternity. The vivid images of seeing the second plane (United 175) hit the south tower, plus the subsequent replays on television, is something that was jaw dropping and surreal.
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Super Tuesday

Well, this really isn’t about the Caucuses that took place today, but rather about an image that I saw on the Seattle Times web page. The image really says a lot, in my opinion. They, Urban Outfitters, claim that the shirt was “never meant to be misconstrued as an anti-voting T-shirt.” Heh, yeah, right. My stance on voting is as follows. Vote and you have the right to bitch all you want. If you don’t vote, then shut the hell up and talk to someone who cares.