It Looks To Be Over

Last night’s election was exciting to watch. I enjoyed refreshing to see what changed or more so, what didn’t. When I got home and ate I sat down to watch the Daily Show on Comedy Central. In Daily Show fashion it was comical and took my mind off of what was happening with the election, if only for a while. After a while I got tired when nothing much had changed in the predicted electoral counts. Continue reading “It Looks To Be Over”

If You Didn’t Know…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months you know that there is an election coming up this Tuesday. This is an important election, as all are, and people have some pretty strong views on what they think is “right” and what they think is “wrong” for this country.

For myself, I think that the two party system polarizes people and tends to make enemies. It makes for good TV, decent debate, and exciting races to watch. But, is it good for us as people? I know that there are plenty of good reasons why we have two parties, I am not here to debate that. But, I think that sometimes it is the mentality that you’re either one of us or the enemy that drives discussion. Continue reading “If You Didn’t Know…”

Veep Debate

Watching this debate between Cheney and Edwards is much better than that of last Thursday. Both of their ties are red, so I can’t really joke too much about that. However, the gloves are obviously off between these two and some good dialogue is coming out because of it. Both are very good speakers, but I am not picking who won or not. I just don’t find it necessary.

There are two Presidential debates left and if you haven’t seen a debate yet, be sure to check out one of the ones coming up.

Also, is it me or do 90 seconds in a debate seem like a lifetime?