The Weekend

The past weekend was pretty good. It was my birthday so it had to be, right? Of course.

Friday night was spent with a faction of the Info Crew watching the Bourne Identity and just hanging out at my place soaking up every ounce of air conditioning that we could since it was so blasted hot outside that day. It was good times, as usual.

Saturday was my birthday and what a better way to spend it than by going to work! Right… ok, I had my normal Saturday shift at the lab and then it was off to Rock Bottom Brewery for some dinner fun with the Info Crew. Dinner was to celebrate the birthdays of Kevin, Kat, and myself since all of our birthdays are within a week of each other. Dinner was cool and it has been a while since I had seen all of the faces in one sitting. Good times despite Anthony looking up every girl that came up the stairs in front of him. I am sure that I have some great pics on my camera. Using Jamie and I as decoys was all apart of his plan. Now, it didn’t help either that there was a table of girls next to us that he swears was there for a sorority meeting. Oh, Anthony.

Then we thought it would be a good idea to go see the Bourne Supremacy. Well, it was a good idea until we got to the theatre to see that the next two showings were sold out. I was kinda bummed because I wanted to see it, but the night pressed on without the movie.

After the movie fell through it was back to my place for some mafia, cranium, and texas hold ’em. Again, nice to just chill, but come midnight I was just beat and wanted to go to bed. So, it was off to sleep…

Sunday was time spent with my lady. From lunch of Velveeta Shells and Cheese, ‘Lil Smokies, and Rice (if your name is Jamie) to walking around downtown it was a good day. Very relaxing and just what I needed.

It was definitely a good weekend, now I just need to catch up on some sleep, I am dying here at the lab right now.

Oh, Saturday!

Yeah, today was pretty amazing. Let’s see… I had Dim Sum in the International District, walked around the market, visited Jamie’s new place for the next couple of months, and went shopping. Now, that might not bleed excitement, but it was good times. Also, the really nice weather made it much more enjoyable to be outside in.
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Happy Panqueque Night

Last night it was happy pancake night at Kat’s. It was a good time, as usual, with the INFO crew. Dinner was very good and it just goes to reaffirm that Kathryn can cook very well. This was our first gathering since summer officially began it was nice to have everyone there and to see everyone. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago since we last saw each other. But, anyways… I don’t really have much to say. Hrm, strange. Here are some pics from last night to get you all through the day.
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Can She Take a Shot?

Last night was Darrin’s 22nd birthday and to celebrate we went to Red Robin for dinner then headed back to his place to place cards. The rule that we had was as follows: If you get out, you take a shot. Or, if you are shady like Sean and try to bet with the button you have to take one anyways. So, once Jamie got out it was her turn and this animated GIF is what occured. Now, keep in mind that what is in that glass is peach juice with a drop of vodka. Yeah, a drop. Refresh to see the GIF animate again. The last frame is the best.

Jamie Takes a Shot

Biking Excursion

Today Jamie, Anthony, and I made the trip from the U-District all the way to the Redmond Town Center. We took the Burke Gilman Trail for the 20 mile trek. That distance is only one way. Our total trip distance was 40 miles!

I have not biked in a long time and it was nice to get back out on the trail again. It is different than biking in Minnesota, but nonetheless it was a really good time. It was cool to get out, bike, and enjoy the weather. The ride was longer than I had expected and I am hurting all over right now, but it was way fun. I am sure that we will do this more in the future. I’m off to watch a movie right now, but I leave you with some pictures from the day.
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