Our Typical User

Last night Jamie and I were trading stories of the various people that we run into when we are at work. It is interesting to note how many oddball characters there are in our lab. This is not to say that there are not legitimate people that we do help, but we do get our hand full of people who are just plain inconsiderate, crazy, and have no damn idea what they are doing. I’ve filtered them into the following categories:

  • The Average User
  • The Foreign Language Barrier User
  • The Just Come Here User
  • The It’s Not Printing User
  • The Last Minute User
  • The I Did Not Know User
  • The ZIP Disk User
  • The CD-Rs are Like Floppies User

Now, on to the good stuff about bad stuff–or something. Continue reading “Our Typical User”

Like Minded Employers Night

This afternoon, I went to the Like Minded Employers Night at Mary Gates Hall and it really wasn’t for me. I didn’t expect much, but the atmosphere was something that I was not prepared for. Most of the jobs, from reading online and in-person observations, were for consulting and finance. I mean, I’m down with IT consulting but not financial consulting.

So, on Friday I’ll be going to a CCS workshop on how to make the most of career fairs. Hopefully that will help. Then I’ll brush up my resume and get ready for the fairs next week.

Oh Well…

I didn’t get the job with the College of Education. But, a friend of mine did get it and I am glad for him. This means that I will most likely stay at the Micro Lab in the Health Sciences Library until I graduate. That is unless something were to arise in the next month or so. I’m not really that bummed, I can see the benefits of not having that job. Mainly, the ability to do my homework while at work. Yeah, I like that part. It is not that I dislike my current job, I just want something more. This is a good thing, maybe a blessing in disguise and I need to treat it as such.