Credit Card And The Tip That Was

Last weekend Jamie and I went to Gordon Biersch in downtown Seattle for some dinner. It was pretty busy, being that it was homecoming weekend and all for the local area high schools. First problem of the night was that we had to wait 15 minutes, when we had a reservation: Strike 1

After we sat down the service was good, like normal. The waiter took our order and our food actually came out very quick. This surprised me since it was so busy. However, this is when the service started to take a turn. Continue reading “Credit Card And The Tip That Was”

Some People Just Don’t Know Better

You know you always have that person in your class that just doesn’t get what is going on and then always happens to ask the “stupid” question despite the saying that there are no such things as stupid questions? I have had classes with people like this and I am currently in one and it is, at this point, simply humorous. Whether it is someone asking “What is a NOS?” after the prof just spent a good 30 minutes telling us what it is or the smart alec in class that thinks he is always right when he is really always wrong. Comments like “Why doesn’t she just leave her husband and go on her own if she is so unhappy?” just blow my mind. Not that I think that is wrong, it is not considering the conversation, but we’re talking about the 1950s here… we all should know better, or so I thought.

Some People Lack Tact

It has come to my attention this quarter that some people just lack tact in their decision making processes. Now, I am no expert in this field, but I would like to think that I have the tact of a normal person and would be able to spot out the right and wrong thing to do in a situation. However, some people lack this basic concept of human nature.
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Listserv Spam Is Annoying

For those of you that attend UW you all know what a listserv (or listproc) is. For those of you who don’t know what it is, I’ll give you a brief explanation. Each class at the UW gets a list of users (the class list) on an email list that the class can use to ask questions of the whole class by just typing in one email address. This makes it very convenient to get in contact with everyone in your class, but when used poorly (or too much) it just becomes inbox spam. This is the case of this past weekend.
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Super Tuesday

Well, this really isn’t about the Caucuses that took place today, but rather about an image that I saw on the Seattle Times web page. The image really says a lot, in my opinion. They, Urban Outfitters, claim that the shirt was “never meant to be misconstrued as an anti-voting T-shirt.” Heh, yeah, right. My stance on voting is as follows. Vote and you have the right to bitch all you want. If you don’t vote, then shut the hell up and talk to someone who cares.

College != High School

Alright, I understand that some of you suck at managing your time, I am no different. But, seriously, this is College not High School and there are a different set of responsibilities that come with it. You can’t be asking professors for extensions on every little thing, or asking for points back on everything. So, if you can’t handle it, get out. I’m sick of being held back because you can’t keep up. I mean, you can’t move things around every time you are inconvenienced just to make your life more convenient. Just take it like the majority of college students do, and work for it. You will be glad that you worked for it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

On a final note: I’m glad that people understand me and agree with me on this. If you are curious on what spawned this read a reply I made below to a class list serv.

Current Feeling: Bleeeeeeeaaaaah!!

My response to a proposal to extend the due date for the 1st part of our final lab project:

Ok, as much as I like this initiative, I disagree and feel that the due date of next week on Tuesday should stand. I feel that Professor Blommers has been more than willing to hear us out on extra points for quizzes, points and an extension past labs, and the midterm exam. This project is the last big thing that we have in this class and I feel that it should be treated as such. As you notice we do not have a final scheduled and I am treating this lab as my final chance to improve my grade. I wouldn’t expect a professor to move a final because I have another one the same day and this should be no different.   

While I sympathize with those of you who have not started this lab or are in a bind for time working on this and other coursework, but this date was known for some time and maybe if we did not have the Lab 4 pushed back to be due until tomorrow we would not be asking for an extension like this in the first place.

Many of us have this CSE project that is due next Wednesday but, many of us are not asking for an extension because this is what is expected of us as students. We can’t keep asking for extensions on things in classes because we can; it will more than likely interfere inadvertently with other classes and their works load (like it did now with the extension of Lab 4). Instead, we should be working with the schedule and due dates that we were given and run with it like the students we are. Many of you are looking for some real world experience from this major, well, here is some experience for you. Working on a tight deadline with little time to accomplish what seems an undoable task.

I do not mean to offend anyone who differs on these views, but enough is enough and you will find my group and me working on this lab tomorrow in the TE lab.

Left only with my thoughts

Well the other night (Tuesday) I just could not sleep. It was one of those nights where one thing that is mentioned leads to a massive flood of things/emotions to the mind. Now, I won’t say what exactly started this, but I will say thatit came from an online conversation.

When I went to go to bed I figured that I would just be so tired, which I was, and I would just fall asleep. Well, I was far from wrong. I just laid there in my bed thinking one thing, which leads to another thing; and so on… this was not good. I was already physically tired by my mind was just not goingto let my body rest, not just yet at least.

I am sure that most of you have had thought processes like this before. You start with something so small and it leads to things that you don’t have control over. This is something that I just had to deal with sometimes. Now, really, this whole ordeal kind of started on my end (by me not doing things I “should” have) and I have no one to blame, except for myself. However, then when I say this I just end up reflecting on what was in the past and when I should have done certain things. But, what is in the past is in the past. I can’t change it,no matter how much I wish I could.

There is so much more to say, but some of it is better to be said in person and I don’t feel that this is the proper forum for it. Now I just wait forthe call that I asked for. You think it will happen?