Cambodian New Year

Last night was the UW�s Khmer Student Association�s Cambodian New Year event that was held at the HUB. A friend of mine, David, was in the play that was apart of the celebration. He was the role of Little Eagle 2. Now, this was something different for me since, well, I am from the Midwest and the Asian percentage of our population could be counted on one of my hands. It is small, to non-existent. So, for me to go to something like this is pretty much culture shock.
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It was a good weekend

Well, where the hell do I start? I started off Friday being disappointed that I couldn’t eat lunch with my lady, but it was what needed to be done. So, Friday was pretty crappy until the evening came around and I got to get some things off of my chest. Thanks for listening, you don’t know what it means. But, before that I had a movie with Kathryn and Anthony and then it was off to Kathryn’s place with some of the iSchool crew for some drunkenness and well… “good times.” Needless to say, it was a good time… but that is all you will ever know.
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Birthday + Earl’s = Good Times

Last night was Jamie‘s 21 st birthday and oh boy did we have fun. The night started off at dinner at which all the 4 th cohort iSchoolers looked damn hot all dressed up. I had my tie on, like promised, and we all were dressed up for the ceremonial occasion. Dinner was a good time to just sit, chill, and to talk to some new people that I had just meet  that night and to some that I had only met briefly previously. But, dinner was just the beginning… So, being the good person that I am, I suggested that we go out to a bar seeing that Jamie was now 21 and she was not carded at dinner. I figured she should at least get carded on her birthday and get a few drinks. So, we head up to Earl’s, on a Monday.

Earl’s, on a friggin Monday, is pretty slow. It was nice and laid back, which was nice for a change, and we had a kickin’ time at the bar. Had a few beers and mixed drinks and then I proceeded drank whatever else was still around that people did not want to drink. Can’t let it all go to waste.

This was probably one of the better times that I have had going out. The people were way cool and we had just a sweet time. I mean I never thought that I’d be out with the people in the Info program or even becoming such good friends with the people in my major. But, needless to say, I’m glad that I am.

Now, today was another story, but I’ll just say that the focus was not there in class today. It was not that I was hungover or anytning, but going out made the weekend seem that much longer and focusing in class was not exactly high on my list of things to do today. But, last night was a really good time and it’s always nice to go out and do something special on a birthday, even if is not your own.

Here are some pics from last night, as promised.

This is me and Anthony looking all hot and stuff last night. The ladies we were with thought we looked pretty hot in that ‘pose’ so multiple pictures were taken.

This is our lab group (minus Kevin) and this was the picture that we put on the cover of our report with the phrase: “Alcohol is open source. Let the good times roll!”

Current Feeling/Emotion: Energetic and Happy

Note: To see more pics from this night look here

Crystal Mountain

We began our trek to Crystal early in the morning and this is one of a few shots that I took along the way of “The Mountain”

Kony and I killing time on one of the many chairlift rides that we had today

A backwards shot from the chairlift back down the hill. Nothing too exciting here, but I figured that I would take it since it was such a nice day.

More “senic” photos from the chairlift

This was taken from the peek of the mountain that we were on. There is a killer panaroma below, but this is alos a very good shot.

Again, another shot from the top of Crystal. We were above the clouds today, as can be seen in this picture.

Some bird that happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Kony taking the top of the world by storm!

A picture of me at the peek of Crystal with Rainier(?) in the background.

So, uh we were doing so bad at snowboarding that we figured that we’d both jump off the top of the mountain.

The aftermath…Check out the windburn, it’s hot!

Kony had to drive to he best pay attention to the road.

Last but not least the panoramic from the top! (Click for larger browser friendly size)