The Weekend…

Well, it was nice to have a weekend to just sit back and relax and catch up on things. I sacrificed not going out and doing anything on Friday or Saturday night so that I could catch up on things. Now, I did get quite a bit done this weekend, but it was not as much as I would have liked. Mostly it is my reading that I am behind on, but that I can work on here and there. So, I’m not too worried about that.

But, other than the studying that I caught up on I got some other things done as well. I reformatted my computer to see if that would fix my problems that I was having with it. This was my late night Saturday night Sunday Morning treat to me. Surprisingly it only took 3.5hrs to get it back up to its previous state. Then Sunday was packed with stuff to do. Lunch with Jamie (the bday girl), her roommate Jules, and the always comical Anthony. Lunch was a good time and I think I ate enough to last me the entire day, but nevertheless we ended up eating later that night at Shari ‘s. But, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here.

After the lunch, which was more than filling, we headed back to the TE lab to kill time before Sauna Sunday. This time was more productive than I thought it would be. I ended up finishing my CSE project during this time and was pretty excited about that. Then after we were all set, we headed out for Sauna Sunday. The iSchool crew + Julia was along this week for the adventure and it was a good time to just relax and to not think about anything really. This was something nice because it just slowed everything down and I could just enjoy doing nothing. Then, of course, around 11pm we all got hungry again so we headed out to eat. I seem to not have a problem eating and I figured that since I was going out to eat I should get something that I usually don’t have. So, this ended up being breakfast, which was amazing.

Now we come to Monday and the new week is upon all of us. There are things due this week and many things to catch up on. I just need to spend less time playing, and more time studying. As sad as that sounds, it’s true.

Tonight should be cool, I’ll look hot, like always, maybe I’ll have a picture or two to share…

Current Feeling: Hotness, because I look damn fine today


Well, today was a good day. The internal tension that I have been having for the past few weeks has been released when I finally got to tell her how I felt. Now, it is not that fact that she needed to know what I had to say, but it was more for me to get it out of my system and for me to stop thinking about it. Needless to say, it was probably the best thing I could have done. I mean, it was something I have been meaning to say (get out of my system) for sometime, but it really just all got messed up in the end. I had more to say, but really, what I said in under a minute summed it all up. This is probably better since I have a tendency to blab. In either case this person, who I think they know who they are (KEA), showed me something that I don’t do a lot. That is thinking positive.

Ok, so, maybe it seems that I am pretty positive on the outside, but inside I hold a lot of stuff in and I am probably way more a pessimist than an optimist. In talking to her online she was basically saying that no matter what the day brought her she always had the best thing of the day on her mind and nothing else. I envy this, seriously. I always seem to focus on the negative. Maybe it is because I want to build on the negative, but if I focused on the positive and built on that, what could happen? Probably a lot.

I can’t seem to appreciate all the other POSTIVE things that happen during my day. Things like hanging out with the INFO peeps, super friends’ lunch, or just anything else that would make my day. I always let the little shit get in the way. I have to learn to move on from these things, but it is going to be hard. I wish I had this attitude all the time, but I can’t help to think about how things could have been different. I need to stop with the “What if?” and start thinking more positively about my day and about myself.

Just thinking . . .

You know, sitting here all day alone in my room doing random things left me a lot of time to think about things. Now, these things might be good, or they might be bad. I’ll just cover a few…

The Fam
Ok, now, as many of you know I school in Seattle and the family is back in Eden Prairie. So, that leaves a good 1700 miles or so between me and them. Now, when I am home all I do is bitch about being there because my old high school friends and I are out of touch and it is difficult to know what is going on when I work all day and am spending time with the family. But, being back in school for only a week now I am realizing that the next time I will see them will be in September. Yes, 9 months. Now, for some of you this may not be a big deal but for me is will be hard. I may not show it, but for those of you who really know me. I can be tough to read sometimes and what I am actually feeling/thinking may not be exactly what I come off as. Anyways, tonight I realized that from talking to them on the phone and online that I will miss not seeing them. Sometimes a voice is not enough.

Just Me
Well, I made a New Year’s resolution. Yes, I plan to keep it. Now, you probably want to know what it is. Well, it’s pretty simple: No excuses. I figure that I weak out on so many things because I just don’t want to do them. Well, I need to stop that and just do whatever. This is hard for me because I am so concrete and sequential. But, I think that I can stick to this and make the most of it. Now, you can’t come up to me and give me some bullshit like “Hey Ryan, give me $20.” That will not only land you a nasty response, but this is not the purpose of why I am doing this. I have my reasons for this and you don’t need to know them. If you ask, and I’m up for it, I’d probably tell you about anything. Yeah, anything.

Coming out to Seattle for school left me severed with all of the friends that I had in high school. Now, I guess I never considered that I would be totally severing ties with them. But, I think that it would be fair to say that I am mutual friends with many of the friends that I was good friends with in high school. Some of which, are probably reading this (I know that you are, don’t ask how I know, but I do). But, I am fortunate to know many different people on different levels out here in Seattle. Now, as much as people try to change from when they are in HS and get the chance to “start over” in college, I don’t think I really did this much. I have a good size group of people who I consider friends (if they consider me back as one is their own deal), but there are a few (they know who they are) who I guess I’d consider more than just a friend. It’s nice to have them around for anything, but you all really don’t care to hear about that. So, that’s enough about that. . .

If you read this far, congrats you should get a prize. I apologize if this doesn’t make sense, but sometimes it just helps to write things out when you are thinking of shit like this. Now, I’m not going crazy or any shit, so don’t fret. But, if you feel like asking me about this or whatever, you know the number.

*edit* New image on the left. Notice the person in the back, that’s my roommate from last year. He never gets in pictures, but I tricked him and got this one.

Well, I’m back in the Midwest. It has been quick past few days, but that is alright with me. I had my Computer Science test on Tuesday and it went much better than I expected. Now, I did study quite a ridulous amount for this test. I mean I had nothing to do for a week so when I was bored I studied. How many hours was this then? Well… about 16 or more. Yup, I studied 16 hours just for one silly test. Now, the upside to this was that when I took this test I felt like I knew everything that was on this test. Going on this feeling I completed the test in an hour, half of our allotted time. It made me feel pretty good to be done, but at the same time quite nervous because I got done so fast. Now I sit and wait for grades to be posted on MyUW. *sigh*

However, like I said, I am home. That is all that matters at this point. It was snowing when I landed and it is a little colder than I am used to. Now, it’s nothing that I haven’t been throught before, but I am so used to the mild Seattle weather that this is cold for me. But, luckily I spend most of my time inside.

I am back at work continuing on with my internship position that I had a Supervalu, Inc. this summer. It started off fine, but I have completed around four days of work in two days all because I found a shortcut in the process that cut the time down by like 75%. So, I am left picking up people’s work mid stride. This is really hard to do. It is like being in a class that you know nothing about and then showing up for the final with the expectation that you will get a 4.0 on the test. That is what it was like for me today in the last 3 hours of work. I was told that I needed to get out some reports on testing by the end of the day, but that I had to decipher everything on my own with no knowledge of the last three months worth of work. Needless to say that sucked. Come Monday it will be more of the same. But, now it’s the weekend and I can sleep in a little and finally relax.

It’s nice to be home… but I miss Seattle and the people there already.

It was a very good weekend this weekend. I ended up in poker on Friday night, got to hang out w/ Kelsey on Sat, and saw Last Samuari on Sunday w/ Jai and Kony. So, needless to say it was a good weekend. Now, that is the last fun I have for, um, one day. I have to study for my INFO 300 final on Tuesday. But, I don.t know what to think of it so far. I mean, the class was really easy and I have all the possible points so far in this quarter. I really don.t know if I can expect the same from this test or what, but I do know that I will have to study for it.

But, yeah, it looks like the funk I was in last week is finally over. I think it had to do with my CSE project and all the stress it was bringing on me. But, as of yesterday it was all over. That was our last project and it did not come a day too soon. This quarter is ending quite nicely, better than most. But the work is not yet done, but it is getting lighter by the day.

So, now I must go to sit here and do… well… nothing

Finally our CSE project is done… Finally. Now the stress level will fall down. Thank God. But, now it is time to make some money in poker. Hopefully I do better than last time…