Well, I’m back in the Midwest. It has been quick past few days, but that is alright with me. I had my Computer Science test on Tuesday and it went much better than I expected. Now, I did study quite a ridulous amount for this test. I mean I had nothing to do for a week so when I was bored I studied. How many hours was this then? Well… about 16 or more. Yup, I studied 16 hours just for one silly test. Now, the upside to this was that when I took this test I felt like I knew everything that was on this test. Going on this feeling I completed the test in an hour, half of our allotted time. It made me feel pretty good to be done, but at the same time quite nervous because I got done so fast. Now I sit and wait for grades to be posted on MyUW. *sigh*

However, like I said, I am home. That is all that matters at this point. It was snowing when I landed and it is a little colder than I am used to. Now, it’s nothing that I haven’t been throught before, but I am so used to the mild Seattle weather that this is cold for me. But, luckily I spend most of my time inside.

I am back at work continuing on with my internship position that I had a Supervalu, Inc. this summer. It started off fine, but I have completed around four days of work in two days all because I found a shortcut in the process that cut the time down by like 75%. So, I am left picking up people’s work mid stride. This is really hard to do. It is like being in a class that you know nothing about and then showing up for the final with the expectation that you will get a 4.0 on the test. That is what it was like for me today in the last 3 hours of work. I was told that I needed to get out some reports on testing by the end of the day, but that I had to decipher everything on my own with no knowledge of the last three months worth of work. Needless to say that sucked. Come Monday it will be more of the same. But, now it’s the weekend and I can sleep in a little and finally relax.

It’s nice to be home… but I miss Seattle and the people there already.

Well finals are over and my Computer Science test was much easier than I expected. Now, granted, it was my only real final. And yes I had a week to study for it. So, really there was no excuse for me to do poorly on this test. But, even with that said, I could have probably studied a lost less (I did study 16+hrs) and still done as well. But, that is what I did when I was bored… I studied. It will probably pay off too.

But, after the test today I hung out with my good ‘ol friend Brent. It’s been a while since we hung out and it was nice to just sit and talk about whatever we felt like. It was something that was good for me and relaxing at the same time. But, now I must go home and work for a bit. I hope to take a break from my online life for two weeks and maybe just actually relax. I spend 10 weeks in front of my damn computer and I never get to see what it is like with out it. So, you will all have to suffer, if you can even call missing me suffering…

Until a later date…

It was a very good weekend this weekend. I ended up in poker on Friday night, got to hang out w/ Kelsey on Sat, and saw Last Samuari on Sunday w/ Jai and Kony. So, needless to say it was a good weekend. Now, that is the last fun I have for, um, one day. I have to study for my INFO 300 final on Tuesday. But, I don.t know what to think of it so far. I mean, the class was really easy and I have all the possible points so far in this quarter. I really don.t know if I can expect the same from this test or what, but I do know that I will have to study for it.

But, yeah, it looks like the funk I was in last week is finally over. I think it had to do with my CSE project and all the stress it was bringing on me. But, as of yesterday it was all over. That was our last project and it did not come a day too soon. This quarter is ending quite nicely, better than most. But the work is not yet done, but it is getting lighter by the day.

So, now I must go to sit here and do… well… nothing

Finally our CSE project is done… Finally. Now the stress level will fall down. Thank God. But, now it is time to make some money in poker. Hopefully I do better than last time…

Once again today was a bitch. I spent 13 hours on campus. That must be a record for me. But, it was really great walking back in the rain. Yeah, right. Anyways we made progress on our CSE project. However, I feel bad, I am doing jack shit on this part of the project and I really don’t exactly know what is going on, but at the same time I know exactly what is going on. Kind of odd, but so true. I just want this week to be over so I can relax before my CSE final. It’s not that this upcoming week is that bad, but I am getting stressed and then I start to go crazy and I just become a complete scatter brain. So, if you see me and I don’t make much sense, please bear with me, I’m just being mildly retarded this week. I swear it’s only this week. In a week I will be fine and ready to move on to better things’ but, until that day comes I have more stressing to do about our CSE project. *sigh*

The quarter is beginning to wind down here and the work load is reaching it’s high point in this last week of class. I have two projects to do and a test to prepare for. All of which will be completed by next Wednesday. So, needless to say the stress level is rising to a point where I am not really having a good time. But, this is only one week and it will never compare to the quarter where I had three finals in one day. That day was hell… But, the weekend is coming and I plan to relax, no matter what the cost. I am near complete on my INFO project, I don’t know how hard I am going to study for my INFO test and, well, CSE can go to hell.

See, yesterday all I really did was school, except for the couple hours I was at the IMA. But, it sucked. I really hate studying for 12 hours straight and not doing much else, it just drives me crazy. I can’t really say that I study hard, but I know that in the upcoming days I will have to do this to finish out strong this quarter. This will probably be my best quarter (keeps fingers crossed) since I was a 1st quarter freshman. So, yeah, it’s been like that. But, I am definitely not going to miss this quarter… that much. Then I just have to look forward to 18 credits of hell next quarter… I have no idea what I am doing to myself, but it will turn out alright in the end.

Well I am back in Seattle now, but it was nice to be home and to, uh, relax? Sure, I ended up spending my vacation, if you could call it that, on catching up on my various readings. That was what I did on Friday and Saturday and on the plane ride back. So, really it was no vacation at all. But, now that I am back I have more to work on. Projects, papers, homework, finals… it never ends. But, it’s alright; it will be over soon enough. Then I go home to work and make some more money. But, it will be nice to get this quarter over… however I will want to hold out as long as possible on next quarter because it will kill me. So, yeah… the days are getting shorter here, I need the light.