Week in Review 5/30 – 6/5

I am taking a break from studying at work to write about my last week or lack there of. The studying that I am doing right now is definitely not as exciting as my last week was. *snicker* But, I’ll leave that decision up to you.

The beginning of the week was spent in the TE Lab working on our History Places project. The nights were long and I was just getting burnt out when it came to Wednesday. However, we were almost there and that gave me hope that there was something better to look forward to, and there was. The end of the week brought the end of the quarterand was quite relaxing. This night was topped off by the Booze Cruise on and then hanging out with my Mom and Jamie Saturday night.

This week was really a work week, as can be seen by my calendar, with relief at the end of it. I am glad that it is over and once I have the time I’ll have a post and some pictures to post up from the Booze Cruise and my look back on the last year in school. But, those will probably have to wait until later this week once all of the shopping is completed and my Mom has headed back to Minnesota. So, until the time to post comes again…

Current Feeling: Nervous, but excited
Next Up: INFO 340 Final @ 2:30

Week in review 5/23 – 5/29

Well, since I last left you, quite a bit has happened over the past week. The week has ended on a relaxing note with the knowledge that there is still work to be done, but knowing that the peak has been reached and now it is all about pacing myself on my way back down is something that I can handle.

This week was definitely a work week. Our 380 proposal needed to be revised and edited in time so that it was in the best condition that it could be in when it was due on Thursday. Only a few late nights was spent on getting it in top form, but those nights were reminiscent of many that I had during my Freshman year. It was the couple nights that made me realize how much a value my sleep.

I could go on and on about 380 or the 380 presentation, but I won’t. The week is over and I am glad that it is. Now the time has come to move onto the last large deliverable of the quarter for 340, preparing to move into the condo, and somewhere in between all of that I will find time to relax, like I did last night with Trotter. In either case the worst is over and the rest will seem much easier from here on out.

Current Feeling: Relaxed
Good Thing of the Week: Being done with 380
Fact of the Week: On average 1,200 WWII veterans die every day

Week in Review 5/15 – 5/22

Well, what a week. It was a busy work week and there was quite a bit to do. But, at the same time there was a lot of time to just relax and enjoy the free time that I had. It’s strange how my weeks are so lopsided from the first half to the last. But, last week will be nothing compared to this upcoming week. That is O.K. though, each week has its own personality and for some reason this past week’s personality will be much nicer to me than this upcoming week’s.
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